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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Diagnosis of pipe systems by the SLE: first results 2013 Massari, Christian; T. C. J., Yeh; Ferrante, Marco; Brunone, Bruno; Meniconi, Silvia
Editorial: New techniques and tools for improving efficiency in leakage detection and management 2013 Franchini, Marco; Brunone, Bruno
First results of a study of the Etruscan tunnel and other hydraulic works on the “Ponte Coperto” stream (Cerveteri, Rome, Italy. IWA 2nd International Symposium on “Water and Wastewater on Ancient Civilizations" 2010 Bersani, P.; Canalini, A.; Dragoni, Valter Ulderico
Leak behaviour in pressurized PVC pipes 2013 Ferrante, Marco; Massari, Christian; Brunone, Bruno; Meniconi, Silvia
A Nelder–Mead algorithm-based inverse transient analysis for leak detection and sizing in a single pipe 2021 Choura, Oussama; Capponi, Caterina; Meniconi, Silvia; Elaoud, Sami; Brunone, Bruno
Numerical investigation of the pipe length determination in branched systems by transient tests 2018 Capponi, Caterina; Ferrante, Marco
Risk based sensor placement methods for burst/leak detection in water distribution systems 2017 Forconi, Emiliano; Kapelan, Z.; Ferrante, Marco; Mahmoud, H.; Capponi, Caterina
Special Issue "Selected Papers from WaterIdeas2016 Conference" 2017 Franchini, M.; Brunone, Bruno
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 8 di 8
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