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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Collection and Analysis of Narratives for a Values Charter of the Italian Society for Hospital Pharmacy 2022 Saetta, D.; Bellante, L.; Lacaita, M. V.; Faggiano, M. E.; Scala, D.; Franzoni, V.
Defining Classification Ambiguity to Discover a Potential Bias Applied to Emotion Recognition Data Sets 2022 Biondi, G; Franzoni, V; Milani, A
Emotional affordances in human-machine interactive planning and negotiation 2017 Franzoni, Valentina; Milani, Alfredo; Vallverdãº, Jordi
Emotional book classification from book blurbs 2017 Franzoni, Valentina; Poggioni, Valentina
An end-to-end voting-system based on Bitcoin 2017 Bistarelli, Stefano; Mantilacci, Marco; Santancini, Paolo; Santini, Francesco
Errors, biases and overconfidence in artificial emotional modeling 2019 Vallverdu, J.; Franzoni, V.; Milani, A.
How Virtual Reality Influenced EmotionalWell-being Worldwide During the Covid-19 Pandemics 2021 Franzoni, V.; Di Marco, N.; Biondi, G.; Milani, A.
A path-based model for emotion abstraction on facebook using sentiment analysis and taxonomy knowledge 2017 Franzoni, V.; Li, Y.; Mengoni, P.
A preliminary work on dog emotion recognition 2019 Franzoni, V.; Milani, A.; Biondi, G.; Micheli, F.
Producing Artificial Male Voices with Maternal Features for Relaxation 2021 Franzoni, V.; Baia, A. E.; Biondi, G.; Milani, A.
Recognizing and Predicting Neonatal Pain in Preterm Intensive Care Unit: a Study Protocol 2022 Franzoni, V; Mezzetti, D
SEMO: A semantic model for emotion recognition in web objects 2017 Franzoni, Valentina; Milani, Alfredo; Biondi, Giulio
Web-based similarity for emotion recognition in web objects 2016 Biondi, Giulio; Franzoni, Valentina; Li, Yuanxi; Milani, Alfredo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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