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VizieR Online Data Catalog: The second Fermi-LAT 50GeV catalog (2FHL) (Ackermann+, 2016) 1-gen-2016 Ackermann, Lutz; M., and Ajello; M., and Atwood; W. ~B., and Baldini; L., and Ballet; J., and Barbiellini; G., and Bastieri; D., and Becerra Gonzalez; J., and Bellazzini; R., and Bissaldi; E., and Blandford; R. ~D., and Bloom; E. ~D., and Bonino; R., and Bottacini; E., and Brandt; T. ~J., and Bregeon; J., and Bruel; P., and Buehler; R., and Buson; S., and Caliandro; G. ~A., and Cameron; R. ~A., and Caputo; R., and Caragiulo; M., and Caraveo; P. ~A., and Cavazzuti; E., and Cecchi; C., and Charles; E., and Chekhtman; A., and Cheung; C. ~C., and Chiang; J., and Chiaro; G., and Ciprini; S., and Cohen; J. ~M., and Cohen-Tanugi; J., and Cominsky; L. ~R., and Conrad; J., and Cuoco; A., and Cutini; S., and D'Ammando; F., and de Angelis; A., and de Palma; F., and Desiante; R., and di Mauro; M., and di Venere; L., and Dominguez; A., and Drell; P. ~S., and Favuzzi; C., and Fegan; S. ~J., and Ferrara; E. ~C., and Focke; W. ~B., and Fortin; P., and Franckowiak; A., and Fukazawa; Y., and Funk; S., and Furniss; A. ~K., and Fusco; P., and Gargano; F., and Gasparrini; D., and Giglietto; N., and Giommi; P., and Giordano; F., and Giroletti; M., and Glanzman; T., and Godfrey; G., and Grenier; I. ~A., and Grondin; M. -H., and Guillemot; L., and Guiriec; S., and Harding; A. ~K., and Hays; E., and Hewitt; J. ~W., and Hill; A. ~B., and Horan; D., and Iafrate; G., and Hartmann; D., and Jogler; T., and Johannesson; G., and John Son; A. ~S., and Kamae; T., and Kataoka; J., and Knodlseder; J., and Kuss; M., and La Mura; G., and Larsson; S., and Latronico; L., and Lemoine-Goumard; M., and Li; J., and Li; L., and Longo; F., and Loparco; F., and Lott; B., and Lovellette; M. ~N., and Lubrano; P., and Madejski; G. ~M., and Maldera; S., and Manfreda; A., and Mayer; M., and Mazziotta; M. ~N., and Michelson; P. ~F., and Mirabal; N., and Mitthumsiri; W., and Mizuno; T., and Moiseev; A. ~A., and Monzani; M. ~E., and Morselli; A., and Moskalenko; I. ~V., and Murgia; S., and Nuss; E., and Ohsugi; T., and Omodei; N., and Orienti; M., and Orlando; E., and Ormes; J. ~F., and Paneque; D., and Perkins; J. ~S., and Pesce-Rollins; M., and Petrosian; V., and Piron; F., and Pivato; G., and Porter; T. ~A., and Raino; S., and Rando; R., and Razzano; M., and Razzaque; S., and Reimer; A., and Reimer; O., and Reposeur; T., and Romani; R. ~W., and Sanchez-Conde; M., and Parkinson; P. ~M. ~S., and Schmid; J., and Schulz; A., and Sgro; C., and Siskind; E. ~J., and Spada; F., and Spandre; G., and Spinelli; P., and Suson; D. ~J., and Tajima; H., and Takahashi; H., and Takahashi; M., and Takahashi; T., and Thayer; J. ~B., and Thompson; D. ~J., and Tibaldo; L., and Torres; D. ~F., and Tosti; G., and Troja; E., and Vianello; G., and Wood; K. ~S., and Wood; M., and Yassine; M., and Zaharijas; G., and Zimmer
Reusable Pd@PEG Catalyst for Aerobic Dehydrogenative C−H/C−H Arylations of 1,2,3-Triazoles 1-gen-2019 Ferlin, F.; Yetra, S. R.; Warratz, S.; Vaccaro, L.; Ackermann, L.
Biomass-Derived Solvents for Sustainable Transition Metal-Catalyzed C-H Activation 1-gen-2019 Gandeepan, P.; Kaplaneris, N.; Santoro, S.; Vaccaro, L.; Ackermann, L.
C-H functionalization reactions under flow conditions 1-gen-2019 Santoro, S.; Ferlin, F.; Ackermann, L.; Vaccaro, L.
Heterogeneous Manganese-Catalyzed Oxidase C−H/C−O Cyclization to Access Pharmaceutically Active Compounds 1-gen-2020 Ferlin, F.; Marini, A.; Ascani, N.; Ackermann, L.; Lanari, D.; Vaccaro, L.
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