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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A holistic life cycle analysis of waste management scenarios at increasing source segregation intensity: The case of an Italian urban area. 2014 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina
How to meet reuse and preparation for reuse targets? Shape advertising strategies but be aware of “social washing” 2020 Rizzi, F.; Gusmerotti, N.; Frey, M.
Impact of biological treatments of bio-waste for nutrients, energy and bio-methane recovery in a life cycle perspective 2016 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina; Contini, Stefano; Morettini, Emanuela
Impact of different schemes for treating landfill leachate 2018 Di Maria, Francesco; Sisani, Federico; Contini, Stefano; Ghosh, Sadhan K.
Impact of pre-collection phase at different intensities of source segregation of bio-waste: An Italian case study 2016 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina; Morettini, Emanuela
Impact of source segregation intensity of solid waste on fuel consumption and collection costs 2013 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina
Improvement of the management of residual waste in areas without thermal treatment facilities: A life cycle analysis of an Italian management district 2015 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina; Morettini, Emanuela; Sisani, Luciano; Damiano, Roberto
Is the policy of the European Union in waste management sustainable? An assessment of the Italian context 2020 Di Maria, F.; Sisani, F.; Contini, S.; Ghosh, S. K.; Mersky, R. L.
Optimization of torrefaction conditions of coffee industry residues using desirability function approach 2018 Buratti, Cinzia; Barbanera, Marco; Lascaro, Elisa; Cotana, Franco
Quality assessment for recycling aggregates from construction and demolition waste: An image-based approach for particle size estimation 2016 DI MARIA, Francesco; Bianconi, Francesco; Micale, Caterina; Baglioni, Stefano; Marionni, Moreno
Solid anaerobic digestion batch of bio-waste as pre-treatment for improving amendment quality: The effect of inoculum recirculation 2016 DI MARIA, Francesco; Segoloni, Enrico; Pezzolla, Daniela
Solid anaerobic digestion batch with liquid digestate recirculation and wet anaerobic digestion of organic waste: Comparison of system performances and identification of microbial guilds 2017 DI MARIA, Francesco; Barratta, Martino; Bianconi, Francesco; Placidi, Pisana; Passeri, Daniele
A sustainability assessment for use on land or wastewater treatment of the digestate from bio-waste 2019 Di Maria, Francesco; Sisani, Federico
Thermal degradation of driftwood: Determination of the concentration of sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine and sulfur containing compounds 2017 Bartocci, Pietro; Barbanera, Marco; D'Amico, Michele; Laranci, Paolo; Cavalaglio, Gianluca; Gelosia, Mattia; Ingles, David; Bidini, Gianni; Buratti, Cinzia; Cotana, Franco; Fantozzi, Francesco
Thermodynamic analysis of the energy recovery from the aerobic bioconversion of solid urban waste organic fraction 2008 DI MARIA, Francesco; Benavoli, M; Zoppitelli, M.
Treatment of mechanically sorted organic waste by bioreactor landfill: Experimental results and preliminary comparative impact assessment with biostabilization and conventional landfill 2016 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina; Sisani, L; Rotondi, L.
Urban Mining: quality and quantity of recyclable and recoverable material mechanically and physically extractable from residual waste 2013 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, C; Sordi, A; Cirulli, G; Marionni, Moreno
Valorization of a pharmaceutical organic sludge through different composting treatments 2018 Cucina, Mirko; Tacconi, Chiara; Sordi, Simone; Pezzolla, Daniela; Gigliotti, Giovanni; Zadra, Claudia
Vitrification treatment of municipal solid waste bottom ash 2019 Stabile, P.; Bello, M.; Petrelli, M.; Paris, E.; Carroll, M. R.
What is the acceptable margin of error for the oxygen uptake method in evaluating the reactivity of organic waste? 2014 DI MARIA, Francesco; Micale, Caterina
Mostrati risultati da 11 a 30 di 31
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