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Insight into mechanobiology: How stem cells feel mechanical forces and orchestrate biological functions, file e3aa200e-a983-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 67
A comparison of lysosomal enzymes expression levels in peripheral blood of mild- and severe-Alzheimer’s disease and MCI patients: Implications for regenerative medicine approaches, file e3aa200d-a860-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 20
Non-contact mechanical and chemical analysis of single living cells by microspectroscopic techniques, file e3aa200f-0c99-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 18
Keratins extracted from Merino wool and Brown Alpaca fibres: thermal, mechanical and biological properties of PLLA based biocomposites, file e3aa200c-d231-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 8
TFEB activation restores migration ability to Tsc1-deficient adult neural stem/progenitor cells, file e3aa200d-9ea5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 8
Rapamycin Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles as a New Tool to Deliver mTOR Inhibitors: Formulation and in Vitro Characterization, file e3aa200f-27bd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 8
Extracellular vesicles released by fibroblasts undergoing H-Ras induced senescence show changes in lipid profile, file e3aa2010-5cb5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 8
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High-Performance Versatile Setup for Simultaneous Brillouin-Raman Microspectroscopy, file e3aa200f-a290-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 7
Exosome-based strategies for Diagnosis and Therapy, file e3aa2010-6ff5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
Comparison between Sickle Cell Disease Patients and Healthy Donors: Untargeted Lipidomic Study of Erythrocytes, file a9e4aa1b-5de2-402b-b098-d3264e328b3e 5
null, file e3aa200e-cb49-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
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Lipotoxic stress alters the membrane lipid profile of extracellular vesicles released by Huh-7 hepatocarcinoma cells, file e3aa2010-3282-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Glycohydrolases β-hexosaminidase and β-galactosidase are associated with lipid microdomains of Jurkat T-lymphocytes, file e3aa200b-554d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Evaluation of a LC-MS method for everolimus preclinical determination in brain by using [13C2D4]RAD001 internal standard, file e3aa200b-fde3-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Raman micro-spectroscopy study of living SH-SY5Y cells adhering on different substrates, file e3aa200d-15b9-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Adipose stem cell translational applications: From bench-to-bedside, file e3aa200f-a631-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Extracellular Vesicles in Aging: An Emerging Hallmark?, file b704bc81-dccb-44c9-beac-bf1ec323b327 3
Evaluating the risk of phospholipidosis using a new multidisciplinary pipeline approach, file e3aa200c-d177-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
mTOR Signaling and Neural Stem Cells: The Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Model, file e3aa200d-efa5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Biocompatible Polymer Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Applications in Cancer and Neurodegenerative Disorder Therapies, file e3aa200e-7017-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Curcumin Analogue C1 Promotes Hex and Gal Recruitment to the Plasma Membrane via mTORC1-Independent TFEB Activation, file e3aa200e-e853-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Biogenic Amine Content Analysis of Three Chicken-Based Dry Pet Food Formulations, file 050d9d56-ebac-4c95-9998-b615b6c10a48 2
Untargeted Metabolomics Used to Describe the Chemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Effects of Extracts from Pleurotus spp. Mycelium Grown in Different Culture Media, file 1883ce42-763f-4925-90c2-c416aab614b9 2
The Hard Choice about Dry Pet Food: Comparison of Protein and Lipid Nutritional Qualities and Digestibility of Three Different Chicken-Based Formulations, file d7a51d02-1604-4892-ae91-ef1641ee7b58 2
Roles of the Amino Terminal Region and Repeat Region of the Plasmodium berghei Circumsporozoite Protein in Parasite Infectivity, file e3aa200b-526f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
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PVA bio-nanocomposites: A new take-off using cellulose nanocrystals and PLGA nanoparticles, file e3aa200b-5d9b-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Abnormal cortical lysosomal β-hexosaminidase and β-galactosidase activity at post-synaptic sites during Alzheimer's disease progression, file e3aa200b-9dcb-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
TFEB activation promotes the recruitment of lysosomal glycohydrolases β-hexosaminidase and β-galactosidase to the plasma membrane, file e3aa200b-f76c-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Everolimus treatment reduces proliferation of TSC1-deficient adult neural stem/progenitor cells and restores their migration capability., file e3aa200d-40ce-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
The influence of modified silica nanomaterials on adult stem cell culture, file e3aa200d-5d7c-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
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Oncogenic H-Ras Expression Induces Fatty Acid Profile Changes in Human Fibroblasts and Extracellular Vesicles., file e3aa200f-0680-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Spectroscopic Investigation of Interactions of New Potential Anticancer Drugs With DNA and Non-Ionic Micelles., file e3aa200f-ee22-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
β-N-Acetylhexosaminidase in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes and Monocytes in the Different Forms and Stages of Multiple Sclerosis, file e3aa2010-327b-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Untargeted Lipidomic Approach for Studying Different Nervous System Tissues of the Murine Model of Krabbe Disease, file ebd470d2-b472-4508-9abe-0e97650df65f 2
Protein Hydrolysates: From Agricultural Waste Biomasses to High Added-Value Products (Minireview), file 1d7734f1-3a8f-4833-adb5-3312270f5164 1
Biogas Production with Residuals Deriving from Olive Mill Wastewater and Olive Pomace Wastes: Quantification of Produced Energy, Spent Energy, and Process Efficiency, file 37a588ed-4e47-4039-a240-681ad603b8d3 1
Mixed Microbial and Thermal Degradation of Agricultural Derived Plant Wastes, file 46045a64-6f93-4d27-8193-6a81baf98d2f 1
Biopolymer Nanoparticles for Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery: A New Promising Approach for the Treatment of Neurological Diseases, file 60aaf152-da40-4d2f-b7e5-821e18a2eade 1
Soluble protein content assessment in dry pet food raw materials: Comparison between fresh meat and meat meal formulations, file 7055dc52-82ec-432e-b902-e46f36590705 1
Lysosomal exocytosis: The extracellular role of an intracellular organelle, file b29f863b-7f0d-4266-9cf7-166cbc87ddcd 1
An Alternative Approach to Evaluate the Quality of Protein-Based Raw Materials for Dry Pet Food, file b6bf9c73-7aeb-4965-9cd7-a024fc45c648 1
Circulating extracellular particles from severe COVID-19 patients show altered profiling and innate lymphoid cell-modulating ability, file c9ec0b56-61a1-4623-a7ff-38cfb21afff8 1
Occurrence of an anomalous endocytic compartment in fibroblasts from Sandhoff disease patients, file e3aa200b-44e0-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Lipid-Based Nanocarriers for CNS-Targeted Drug Delivery, file e3aa200b-5209-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
β-Hexosaminidase over-expression affects lysosomal glycohydrolases expression and glycosphingolipid metabolism in mammalian cells, file e3aa200b-52e8-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Effect of pH on potassium metabisulphite biocidic activity against yeast and human cell cultures, file e3aa200b-557a-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Methods to Discriminate the Distribution of Acidic Glycohydrolases Between the Endosomal–Lysosomal Systems and the Plasma MembraneEndosome Signaling Part A, file e3aa200b-5dbd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Oncogenic H-Ras Up-Regulates Acid β-Hexosaminidase by a Mechanism Dependent on the Autophagy Regulator TFEB, file e3aa200b-f44c-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Toxoplasma depends on lysosomal consumption of autophagosomes for persistent infection., file e3aa200d-7040-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Regulation of lysosomal enzymes expression in fibroblasts from Alzheimer’s disease patients, file e3aa200d-84b2-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
A new class of apically confined, transmembrane micronemal proteins playing a pivotal role in host cell invasion by Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites., file e3aa200d-8dad-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Extending lifespan through autophagy stimulation: a future perspective, file e3aa200d-bc32-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Oncogenic H-Ras Expression Induces Fatty Acid Profile Changes in Human Fibroblasts and Extracellular Vesicles., file e3aa200e-2b77-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
KRIT1 Loss-Of-Function Associated with Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Disease Leads to Enhanced S-Glutathionylation of Distinct Structural and Regulatory Proteins., file e3aa200e-6ec6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Integrated Computational Analysis Highlights unique miRNA Signatures in the Subventricular Zone and Striatum of GM2 Gangliosidosis Animal Models, file e3aa200e-99df-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Storage of mutant human sod1 in non‐neural cells from the type‐1 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ratg93a model correlated with the lysosomes’ dysfunction, file e3aa200f-e66e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Drug-Induced Lysosomal Impairment Is Associated with the Release of Extracellular Vesicles Carrying Autophagy Markers, file e3aa2010-2551-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
An alternative approach to evaluate the quality of protein-based raw materials for dry pet food, file e3aa2010-29f4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
De novo ssrna aptamers against the sars-cov-2 main protease: In silico design and molecular dynamics simulation, file e3aa2010-3765-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
LipidOne: user-friendly lipidomic data analysis tool for a deeper interpretation in a systems biology scenario, file e3aa2010-60b2-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
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