MANDARA, Maria Teresa
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Feline lymphoma of the nervous system. Immunophenotype and anatomical patterns in 24 cases., file df4d148c-21e8-436c-879f-2c7902ccfb14 10
Pathological changes caused by Anoplocephala perfoliata in the mucosa/submucosa and in the enteric nervous system of equine ileocecal junction, file e3aa200b-55bb-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 9
Disseminated angiostrongylosis with massive cardiac and cerebral involvement in a dog from Italy, file e3aa200b-5708-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Different expression of Defensin-B gene in the endometrium of mares of different age during the breeding season, file e3aa200e-a5cd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Pathological changes caused by Anoplocephala perfoliata in the equine ileocaecal junction., file e3aa200b-4994-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
PRIMARY DIFFUSE LEPTOMENINGEAL GLIOMATOSIS IN TWO DOGS., file e3aa200c-a6e8-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Toxoplasma gondii brain granuloma in a cat: diagnosis using cytology from an intraoperative sample and sequential magnetic resonance imaging, file e3aa200c-acbf-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Case report: Infratentorial Embryonal Tumor with abundant neuropil and True Rosettes (ETANTR) in a 8-month-old Maine Coon, file 475c08fc-9901-46b5-a55f-33384d1bfc91 3
Malignant Nerve Sheath Tumor of the Hypoglossal Nerve in a Maltese dog, file 9631a5a3-a468-4633-b033-e5036bfd21db 3
Neospora spp. infection associated with equine abortion and/or stillbirth rate, file e3aa200b-462a-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Histological and immunohistochemical studies of changes in myenteric plexuses and in interstitial cells of Cajal associated with equine colic., file e3aa200b-49fc-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Canine and feline intracranial meningiomas: An updated review., file e3aa200b-55bc-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Sympathetic innervation of the suprasesamoidean region of the healthy deep digital flexor tendon in the forelimbs of horses, file e3aa200b-cbbd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Extradural spinal cord lesion in a dog: First case study of canine neurological histoplasmosis in Italy., file e3aa200b-f68f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Gene expression of matrix melalloproteinases (MMPs) and their inhibitors (TIMPs) in meningiomas of dogs., file e3aa200d-939d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Glomeruloid Microvascular proliferation, desmoplasia, and high proliferative Index as potential Indicators of High Grade Canine Choroid Plexus Tumors., file e3aa200d-c072-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Immunoexpression of epithelial membrane antigen in canine meningioma: Novel results for perspective considerations, file e3aa200f-abd1-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Odontoameloblastoma in a Calf., file e3aa200c-4b95-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
E-cadherin, N-cadherin expression and histologic characterization of canine choroid plexus tumors., file e3aa200c-7908-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Immunohistochemical Identification and Image Analysis Quantification of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors in Canine and Feline Meningioma, file e3aa200c-9ff4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
A leukomyeloencephalopathy of unknown origin in an Azawakh dog, file e3aa200d-939f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Kisspeptin/GnRH1 system in Leydig cells of horse (Equus caballus): Presence and function, file e3aa200f-7f0f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Intradural extramedullary granular cell tumour in a cat, file e3aa2010-1f57-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
West Nile Virus and Usutu Virus: A Post-Mortem Monitoring Study in Wild Birds from Rescue Centers, Central Italy, file f6a47b91-ce88-4012-ade3-6d904990601f 2
Standardization of canine meningioma grading: Validation of new guidelines for reproducible histopathologic criteria, file 2d6773f8-f0e0-47e3-86c9-66df28a08c89 1
Squash-prep cytology in the diagnosis of canine and feline Nervous System Lesions: a study of 42 cases., file e3aa200b-5417-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
An Unusual Case Report of Primitive Jejuneal Canine Osteosarcoma, file e3aa200b-5d79-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Bilateral Telencephalic Gliomatosis Cerebri in a Dog, file e3aa200b-60f4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
null, file e3aa200d-6603-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Papillary Meningioma in the dog: A benign histotype with aggressive behaviour., file e3aa200d-7d05-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Imaging Diagnosis - Pseudocystic malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour in a dog, file e3aa200d-d28b-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Immunohistochemical expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) is not associated with tumor grade in feline meningiomas, file e3aa200e-1ab5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Ascending haemorrhagic myelomalacia associated with systemic hypertension in a hyperthyroid cat, file e3aa200e-54d4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Papillary meningioma in the dog: A clinicopathological case series study., file e3aa200e-73ae-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Somatostatin Receptor 2 Expression in Canine Meningioma, file e3aa200e-cc88-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Expression of FOXP3 in Canine Gliomas: Immunohistochemical Study of Tumor-Infiltrating Regulatory Lymphocytes., file e3aa200e-d948-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
A homozygous missense variant in laminin subunit beta 1 as candidate causal mutation of hemifacial microsomia in Romagnola cattle, file e3aa2010-2f5c-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
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