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Genomics of Hairy cell leukemia, file e3aa200d-d118-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 18
Convergent mutations and kinase fusions lead to oncogenic STAT3 activation in anaplastic large cell lymphoma, file e3aa2010-3971-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 18
Improved achiral and chiral hplc-uv analysis of ruxolitinib in two different drug formulations, file e3aa2010-fd9b-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 15
Targeting Mutant BRAF in Relapsed or Refractory Hairy-Cell Leukemia, file e3aa200c-dc79-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 10
The Kruppel-like factor 2 transcription factor gene is recurrently mutated in splenic marginal zone lymphoma, file e3aa200f-a34e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 9
Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia: a shared clonal origin, file e3aa200e-9611-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
Identification of a new subclass of ALK negative ALCL expressing aberrant levels of ERBB4 transcripts, file e3aa2010-06a5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
High-risk clonal hematopoiesis as the origin of AITL and NPM1-mutated AML, file e3aa200e-8620-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
The genetics of nodal marginal zone lymphoma, file e3aa200f-86a9-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Pervasive mutations of JAK-STAT pathway genes in classical Hodgkin lymphoma, file e3aa200f-aae6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Mouse models of NPM1-mutated acute myeloid leukemia: biological and clinical implications, file e3aa200c-4bc4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
IRTA1 is selectively expressed in nodal and extranodal marginal zone lymphomas., file e3aa200c-a61e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Arsenic trioxide and all-trans retinoic acid target NPM1 mutant oncoprotein levels and induce apoptosis in NPM1-mutated AML cells, file e3aa200f-c536-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Simple genetic diagnosis of hairy cell leukemia by sensitive detection of the BRAF-V600E mutation., file e3aa200c-5a23-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Transformation of IGHV4-34+ hairy cell leukaemia-variant with U2AF1 mutation into a clonally-related high grade B-cell lymphoma responding to immunochemotherapy, file e3aa200c-abe9-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Hairy cell leukaemia mimicking multiple myeloma, file e3aa200e-895d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
New treatment options in hairy cell leukemia with focus on BRAF inhibitors, file e3aa200e-92cd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Dactinomycin induces complete remission associated with nucleolar stress response in relapsed/refractory NPM1-mutated AML, file e3aa200f-d7ad-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Improved Achiral and Chiral HPLC-UV Analysis of Ruxolitinib in Two Dierent Drug Formulations, file e3aa200f-e02e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Genetics of classical Hodgkin Lymphoma [Educational Program of the 23th Congress of the European Hematology Association], file e3aa2010-9aa6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
High-Risk Clonal Hematopoiesis as the Origin of AITL and NPM1-Mutated AML, file e3aa2010-bdc9-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
BRAF V600E mutation in hairy cell leukemia: From bench to bedside, file e3aa2011-1311-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
BRAF mutations in hairy-cell leukemia., file e3aa200b-5afc-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Whole-exome sequencing identifies somatic mutations of BCOR in acute myeloid leukemia with normal karyotype, file e3aa200c-52d6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Constant activation of the RAF-MEK-ERK pathway as a diagnostic and therapeutic target in hairy cell leukemia., file e3aa200c-a31f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Immunohistochemical surrogates for genetic alterations of CCDN1, PML, ALK, and NPM1 genes in lymphomas and acute myeloid leukemia., file e3aa200c-a6ca-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
A BRAF-mutated case of hairy cell leukaemia lacking Annexin-A1 expression, file e3aa200e-8960-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Frequent traces of EBV infection in Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas classified as EBV-negative by routine methods: expanding the landscape of EBV-related lymphomas [Tiacci and Lazzi are co-senior authors], file e3aa200f-fd9e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Safety and efficacy of the BRAF inhibitor dabrafenib in relapsed or refractory hairy cell leukemia: a pilot phase-2 clinical trial, file e3aa200f-ffd5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
How I treat refractory/relapsed hairy cell leukemia with BRAF inhibitors, file e3aa2010-61ef-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
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