CRUCIANI, Gabriele
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Structure-metabolism relationships in human-AOX: Chemical insights from a large database of aza-aromatic and amide compounds, file e3aa2010-28a4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 15
Indole Based Weapons to Fight Antibiotic Resistance: A Structure-Activity Relationship Study, file e3aa200c-cdff-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
Metabolism study and biological evaluation of bosentan derivatives, file e3aa200c-cef8-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
From Experiments to a Fast Easy-to-Use Computational Methodology to Predict Human Aldehyde Oxidase Selectivity and Metabolic Reactions, file e3aa200d-de64-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
Diagnostic application of lipidomics fingerprints to bladder carcinoma, file e3aa200e-456f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Lipostar, a comprehensive platform-neutral cheminformatics tool for lipidomics, file e3aa200e-5ae6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Improved Potency of Indole-Based NorA Efflux Pump Inhibitors: From Serendipity toward Rational Design and Development, file e3aa200e-5acd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Redox lipidomics and adductomics - Advanced analytical strategies to study oxidized lipids and lipid-protein adducts, file e3aa200e-9063-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Vitamin E: Emerging aspects and new directions, file e3aa2010-df95-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Improving the prediction of the brain disposition for orally administered drugs using BDDCS, file e3aa200b-5101-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
BDDCS Class Prediction for New Molecular Entities, file e3aa200b-5102-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Molecular interaction fields in drug discovery: recent advances and future perspectives, file e3aa200b-dc38-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Bisphenol A binding promiscuity: A virtual journey through the universe of proteins, file e3aa200e-ad7a-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
ADME-Space: A new tool for medicinal chemists to explore ADME properties, file e3aa200e-af67-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
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Endoplasmic reticulum stress and NF-kB activation in SARS-CoV-2 infected cells and their response to antiviral therapy, file e3aa200f-fac4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Absolute configuration and biological profile of two thiazinooxadiazol-3-ones with L-type calcium channel activity: a study of the structural effects, file e3aa200b-d2b6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
A Novel Approach for Predicting P-Glycoprotein (ABCB1) Inhibition Using Molecular Interaction Fields, file e3aa200b-d43d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
1,4-Dihydropyridine scaffold in medicinal chemistry, the story so far and perspectives (part 1): action in ion channels and GPCRs, file e3aa200b-d43e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
BioGPS descriptors for rational engineering of enzyme promiscuity and structure based bioinformatic analysis, file e3aa200b-d66f-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Flavin Monooxygenase Metabolism: Why Medicinal Chemists Should Matter, file e3aa200b-d671-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Small molecule inhibitors of influenza A and B viruses that act by disrupting subunit interactions of the viral polymerase, file e3aa200b-d762-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Inhibitor of Ovarian Cancer Cells Growth by Virtual Screening: A New Thiazole Derivative Targeting Human Thymidylate Synthase, file e3aa200b-d822-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Targeting Cystalysin, a Virulence Factor of Treponema denticola-Supported Periodontitis, file e3aa200b-d905-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Isozyme-Specific Ligands for O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase, a Novel Antibiotic Target, file e3aa200b-d90a-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
1,4-Dihydropyridine Scaffold in Medicinal Chemistry, The Story So Far And Perspectives (Part 2): Action in Other Targets and Antitargets, file e3aa200b-d9aa-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
A Pipeline to Enhance Ligand Virtual Screening: Integrating Molecular Dynamics and Fingerprints for Ligand and Proteins, file e3aa200e-5ad0-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Screening and confirmatory method for multiclass determination of 62 antibiotics in meat, file e3aa200e-5b52-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Effects of different routes of application on ethylenediurea persistence in tobacco leaves, file e3aa200f-b8b2-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
SARS-CoV-2 Survival on Surfaces and the Effect of UV-C Light, file e3aa200f-e532-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Lipid metabolism analysis in liver of different chicken genotypes and impact on nutritionally relevant polyunsaturated fatty acids of meat, file e3aa2010-017c-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
CHAPTER 18. Drug-induced Phospholipidosis, file e3aa2010-a0f6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Modeling Phospholipidosis Induction: Reliability and Warnings, file e3aa200b-d231-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
LC/MS lipid profiling from human serum: a new method for global lipid extraction, file e3aa200b-d2d3-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Optimization of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Influenza Virus Polymerase: From Thiophene-3-Carboxamide to Polyamido Scaffolds, file e3aa200b-d2d7-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
GRID-Based Three-Dimensional Pharmacophores I: FLAPpharm, a Novel Approach for Pharmacophore Elucidation, file e3aa200b-d4cb-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Long-chain metabolites of α-tocopherol occur in human serum and inhibit macrophage foam cell formation in vitro, file e3aa200b-d66d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Some considerations on the predictions of pharmacokinetic alterations in subjects with liver disease, file e3aa200b-d82d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
BioGPS: The Music for the Chemo- and Bioinformatics Walzer, file e3aa200b-db03-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Exposition and reactivity optimization to predict sites of metabolism in chemicals Review Article, file e3aa200b-db5d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
GRID-based three-dimensional pharmacophores II: PharmBench, a benchmark data set for evaluating pharmacophore elucidation methods, file e3aa200b-dfb1-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Extending pKa prediction accuracy: High-throughput pKa measurements to understand pKa modulation of new chemical series, file e3aa200c-d173-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Bisphenol A binding promiscuity: A virtual journey through the universe of proteins, file e3aa200e-b2d5-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Nutritional and lipidomics biomarkers of docosahexaenoic acid-based multivitamin therapy in pediatric NASH, file e3aa200e-c7de-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Computational solutions in redox lipidomics - Current strategies and future perspectives, file e3aa200e-d9e1-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
SARS-CoV2 infection impairs the metabolism and redox function of cellular glutathione, file e3aa2010-0dd7-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Pharmacophore‐Based Discovery of Substrates of a Novel Drug/Proton‐Antiporter in the Human Brain Endothelial hCMEC/D3 Cell Line, file e3aa2010-2a2d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Side-Chain Modified Ergosterol and Stigmasterol Derivatives as Liver X Receptor Agonists, file e3aa2010-6b09-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
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