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Nome #
1,4-Dihydropyridine Scaffold in Medicinal Chemistry, The Story So Far And Perspectives (Part 2): Action in Other Targets and Antitargets 172
1,4-Dihydropyridine scaffold in medicinal chemistry, the story so far and perspectives (part 1): action in ion channels and GPCRs 154
A 3D-QSAR Study on the Srtuctural Requirements for Binding to CB1 and CB2 Cannabinoid Receptors 89
Studi sul Meccanismo di Stereospecificità della Lipasi Candida Rugosa nella Idrolisi di Esteri di Piridil-1-etanoli 86
Discovery of Novel and Cardioselective Diltiazem-like Calcium Channel Blockers via Virtual Screening 79
Application of chemometrics to the screening of hazardous chemicals. A case study 78
3D-QSAR GRID Descriptors and Chemometric Tools in the development of Selective Antagonists of Muscarinic Receptor 73
Principal Properties of aromatic substituents. A multivariate approach for design in QSAR 72
3D-QSAR methods on the basis of ligand-receptor complexes. Application of COMBINE and GRID/GOLPE methodologies to a series of CYP1A2 ligands 70
Syntehesis and Structural Studies of Cationic Bis- and Tris(pyrazol-1-yl)methane Acyl and Methul Complexex of Ruthenium(II); Localizazion of the counterion in Solution by NOESY NMR Spectroscopy. 68
Experimental design and multivariate calibration in the development, set-up and validation of a differential pulse polarographic and UV spectrophotometric method for the simultaneous plasmatic determination of the therapeutic ... 68
6-Aminoquinolones: a New Class of Quinolone Antibacterials? 66
Inhibitor of Ovarian Cancer Cells Growth by Virtual Screening: A New Thiazole Derivative Targeting Human Thymidylate Synthase 66
3D QSAR of Mutagenic Heterocyclic Amines that are Substrates of Cytochrome P458 1A2 65
Comparative Binding Energy (COMBINE) Analysis on a Series of Glycogen Phosphorylase Inhibitors. Comparison with GRID/GOLPE Models 65
Fluorinated analogues of Bosentan: effects on the antagonist activity and the metabolic stability 65
BioGPS: Navigating biological space to predict polypharmacology, off-targeting, and selectivity 65
GBR Compounds and Mepyramines as Cocaine Abuse Therapeutics: Chemometric Studies on Selectivity Using Grid Independent Descriptors (GRIND) 64
VolSurf: a new tool for the pharmacokinetic optimization of lead compounds 63
Structural Differences of Matrix Metalloproteinases with Potential Implications for Inhibitor Selectivity Examined by the GRID/CPCA Approach 63
La chemiometria nell'ottimizzazione dei prodotti alimentari 63
Structural Requirements for Binding to Cannabinoid Receptors 62
Synthesis, In Vitro Skin Permeation Studies, and PLS-Analysis of New Naproxen Derivatives 61
Molecular fields in quantitative structure-permeation relationships: the VolSurf approach 61
Natural and Synthetic Xanthones as Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors: Biological Assay and 3D‐QSAR 61
PCDD and PCDF from the combustion of MSW in a pilot plant 61
Suitability of molecular descriptors for database mining. A comparative analysis. 60
Molecular lipophilicity descriptors: a multivariate analysis 60
A quantitative fluorimetric analysis of a multicomponent system based on a modified PCA-SM method 60
Stereoselective Behavior of the Functional Diltiazem Analogue 1-[(4-Chlorophenyl)sulfonyl]-2-(2-thienyl)pyrrolidine, a New L-Type Calcium Channel Blocker 59
Calcium channel antagonists discovered by a multidisciplinary approach 59
The antibacterial activity of quinolones against E.coli: a chemometric study 59
Theoretical versus empirical molecular descriptors in monosubsti¬tuted benzenes. A chemometric study 59
Lipostar, a comprehensive platform-neutral cheminformatics tool for lipidomics 59
Structure-Metabolism Relations, and the Challenge of Predicting Biotransformation 58
Some application of the partial least squares method 58
Autocorrelation as a tool for a congruent description of molecu¬les in 3D-QSAR studies 57
Analytical strategies to assess the functional metabolome of vitamin E 57
6-Substituted Benzopyrans as Potassium Channel Activators: Synthesis, Vasodilator Properties, and Multivariate Analysis 56
GRIND-derived pharmacophore model for a series of alpha-tropanyl derivative ligands of the sigma-2 receptor 56
Tautomer Enumeration and Stability Prediction for Virtual Screening on Large Chemical Databases 56
Application of the PLS method to develop quantitative predictive models in toxicology and ecotoxicology 56
QSAR study and VolSurf characterization of anti-HIV quinolone library 55
Quantitative structure–property relationship modeling of ruthenium sensitizers for solar cells applications: novel tools for designing promising candidates 55
Surface Descriptors for Protein Ligand Affinity Prediction 54
Impiego dell'analisi multivariata per lo studio di relazioni quantitative tra serie di dati sperimentali. 54
A Strategy for the Incorporation of Water Molecules Present in a Ligand Binding Site into a Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure-Activity Relathionship 53
Hydrogen Bonding Interactions of Covalently-Bonded Fluorine Atoms: From Crystallographic Data to a New Angular Function in the GRID Force Field 53
MetaSite: Understanding Metabolism in Human Cytochromes from the Perspective of the Chemist 53
Smart Region Definition: A New Way To Improve the Predictive Ability and Interpretability of Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships 52
Synthesis and Antibacterial Evaluation of [1,3]Benzothiazino[3,2-a]quinoline and [3,1]Benzothiazino[1,2-a]quinoline-6-carboxylic Acid Derivatives 52
A search for specificity in DNA-drug interactions 52
Molecular Field-Derived Descriptors for the Multivariate Modeling of Pharmacochinetic Data 51
A chemometric approach for evaluating the efficiency of a pilot plant for MSW combustion 51
Diagnostic application of lipidomics fingerprints to bladder carcinoma 51
Vitamin E: metabolism and molecular aspects 51
Grid Independent Descriptors (GRIND) in the Rational Drug Design of Muscarinic Antagonists 50
Transporter-Mediated Efflux Influences CNS Side Effects: ABCB1, from Antitarget to Target 49
Antileishmanial Chalcones: Statistical Design, Synthesis, andThree-Dimensional Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis 49
Variable selection in PLS analysis 49
Absolute configuration and biological profile of two thiazinooxadiazol-3-ones with L-type calcium channel activity: a study of the structural effects 48
Structure-metabolism relationships in human-AOX: Chemical insights from a large database of aza-aromatic and amide compounds 48
Overview of the biological activities of a methanol extract from wild red belt conk, fomitopsis Pinicola (Agaricomycetes), fruiting bodies from central Italy 48
D-optimal designs in QSAR 47
Prediction ability of regression models. Part 2. Selection of the best predictive PLS model 47
A comparative chemometric study of QSAR descriptors 47
Use of a Combined GLUE/ALMOND Approach in QSAR-Studies on (aryl) Bridged 2-Aminobenzonitriles Inhibiting HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase 47
Optimization of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Influenza Virus Polymerase: From Thiophene-3-Carboxamide to Polyamido Scaffolds 47
Conformer- and Alignment-Independent Model for Predicting Structurally Diverse Competitive CYP2C9 Inhibitors 46
BDDCS Class Prediction for New Molecular Entities 45
Chemometric approach in a QSAR study: the antibacterial and antimicotic activities of benzofused heteroaromatic derivatives 45
Arachidonic acid to docosahexaenoic acid ratio (AA/DHA): a strong clinical outcome predictor in DHA-based nutritional therapy of pediatric NASH 45
GRIND/ALMOND investigations on CysLT(1) receptor antagonists of the quinolinyl(bridged)aryl type 44
An innovative application of the "flexible" GRID/PCA computational method: Study of differences in selectivity between PGAs from Escherichia coli and a Providentia rettgeri mutant 44
A new set of Principal Properties for Heteroaromatics obtained by GRIDQuant. Struct.-Act. Relat., 15, 108-120 (1996). 44
Chemometric approach to a QSAR study of peptides behaving as NK-2 receptor antagonists 44
Improved Potency of Indole-Based NorA Efflux Pump Inhibitors: From Serendipity toward Rational Design and Development 44
Improving the prediction of the brain disposition for orally administered drugs using BDDCS 44
In silico pKa Prediction and ADME Profiling 43
A Novel Strategy for Improving Ligand Selectivity in Receptor-Based Drug Design 42
Principal-component self-modeling analysis of fluorescence for some trans-diarylethylenes. A comparison with kinetic analysis 42
Chemometric investigation on peptide QSAR 42
Effects of different routes of application on ethylenediurea persistence in tobacco leaves 42
Overview of the Biological Activities of a Methanol Extract from Wild Red Belt Conk, Fomitopsis pinicola (Agaricomycetes), Fruiting Bodies from Central Italy 42
MetaSite, a suite for metabolism prediction in silico 41
Homodimeric enzymes as drug targets 41
Novel Low-Concentration Amphiphilic Inhibitors and their Application to Flow Assurance 41
Comparison of chemometric methods for QSAR 41
ADME-Space: A new tool for medicinal chemists to explore ADME properties 41
Molecular fields in drug discovery: getting old or reaching maturity? 40
Integrating Crystallography into Early Metabolism Studies 40
Discovery of Novel Inhibitors of the NorA Multidrug Transporter of Staphylococcus aureus. 40
Chemometric Methodologies in a Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Study: the Antibacterial Activity of 6-Aminoquinolones 40
Il metodo PLS 40
Ligand Promiscuity between the Efflux Pumps Human P-Glycoprotein and S. aureus NorA 39
Wine fermentation by imobilized yeasts: an optimization study 39
Response surfaces for modelling biological activities by principal properties of substituents: the CARSO procedure. 39
Structural properties of water-organic solvent mixtures: a corre¬lation with physico-chemical properties of the solvent 39
Modelling Phytotoxicity of Herbicidal Triazines 39
Generating Optimal Linear PLS Estimations (GOLPE): An Advanced Chemometric Tool for Handling 3D-QSAR Problems 39
Totale 5539
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