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Automated Defect Detection in Uniform and Structured Fabrics using Gabor Filters and PCA, file e3aa200b-5795-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 12
A System for the Dynamic Control and Thermal Characterization of Ultra Low Power Gas Sensors, file e3aa200b-5553-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 10
A Programmable Interface Circuit for an Ultralow Power Gas Sensor, file e3aa200b-4c70-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 9
Thermal Conductivity Detector for Gas Chromatography: Very Wide Gain Range Acquisition System and Experimental Measurements, file e3aa200b-5793-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 9
Latest Results on Radiation Tolerance of Diamond Detectors, file e3aa200e-b285-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 9
Diamond Particle Detectors for High Energy Physics, file e3aa200e-fd70-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 8
Experimental Characterization of a Personal Wireless Sensor Network for the Medical X-Ray Dosimetry, file e3aa200d-daf4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 7
A 3D diamond detector for particle tracking, file e3aa200f-5540-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 7
Design and simulation of a 64 channel, high voltage analog interface for stimulation and acquisition of neural signals, file e3aa200b-55b2-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
Performance of CMOS imager as sensing element for a Real-time Active Pixel Dosimeter for Interventional Radiology procedures, file e3aa200b-584b-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 6
Design and experimental characterization of thin film heaters on glass substrate for Lab-on-Chip applications, file e3aa200d-da93-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Personnel real time dosimetry in interventional radiology, file e3aa200e-18ca-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 5
Use of a CMOS Image Sensor for an Active Personal Dosimeter in Interventional Radiology, file e3aa200b-5814-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Experimental Characterization of a Wireless Personal Sensor Node for the Dosimetry During Interventional Radiology Procedures, file e3aa200d-e2d4-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 4
Thermal characterization of a microheater for micromachined gas sensors, file e3aa200b-3e5e-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
A simple interface circuit for micromachined gas sensors, file e3aa200b-3ed8-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Thermal conductivity detector compact Spice model based on experimental measurements and 3D simulations, file e3aa200b-5751-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Patch based yarn defect detection using Gabor filters, file e3aa200b-5754-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
A Portable Dosimetric System Based on a CMOS Image Sensor for Radiation Protection in Interventional Radiology, file e3aa200b-57f8-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
A Dosimetric Device Based on a CMOS Image Sensor for Interventional Radiology, file e3aa200b-5849-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 3
Accurate extraction of the temperature of the heating element in macromachined gas sensors, file e3aa200b-3b5c-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
On the relationship between the temperature coefficient of resistance and the thermal conductance of integrated metal resistors, file e3aa200b-3e52-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
A Configurable Mixed-Signal Architecture for Label-Free Smart BioSensor Applications, file e3aa200b-3ed6-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Design and Simulation of a 64 channel, High Voltage Analog Interface for Simulation and Acquisition of Neural Signals, file e3aa200b-497d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Thermal Conductivity Detector for Gas-Chromatography: Acquisition System and Experimental Measurements, file e3aa200b-5753-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Multi-Channel Very-Low-Noise Current Acquisition System with On-board Voltage Supply for Sensor Biasing and Readout, file e3aa200b-5feb-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
A Wireless Personal Sensor Node for the Dosimetry of Interventional Radiology Operators, file e3aa200b-7c26-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
Numerical simulation of ISFET structures for biosensing devices with TCAD tools, file e3aa200c-ec7b-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 2
A Configurable Architecture for the Detection of DNA Sequences based on a E2PROM device, file e3aa200b-3edc-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Physical modeling of silicon microstrip detectors: influence of the electrode geometry on critical electric fields, file e3aa200b-47bd-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Thermal Transient Measurements of an Ultra Low Power Mox Sensor, file e3aa200b-49ae-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Measurements, FEM Simulation and Spice Modeling of a Thermal Conductivity Detector, file e3aa200b-55b1-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Thermal Characterization of a Thin Film Heater on Glass Substrate for Lab-on-Chip Applications, file e3aa200b-57f9-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Study of Dosimetric Observables to be used in Active Pixel Sensor based devices for Interventional Radiology Applications, file e3aa200b-584d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
A Bidirectional High-Voltage, High-Precision System for Neural Signal Stimulation and Recording, file e3aa200b-5f0d-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Accurate Analog Temperature Control of a Thin Film Microheater on Glass Substrate for Lab-on-Chip Applications, file e3aa200b-6009-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Environmental Monitoring System Compliant With the IEEE 1451 Standard and Featuring a Simplified Transducer Interface, file e3aa200d-db72-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
Hydrogenated amorphous silicon detectors for particle detection, beam flux monitoring and dosimetry in high-dose radiation environment, file e3aa200e-ecfa-ebae-e053-6605fe0a5b79 1
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