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Kiev 1
Kuopio 1
Leawood 1
Lecce 1
London 1
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Messina 1
New Delhi 1
Perth 1
Pescara 1
Philadelphia 1
Porto Torres 1
Portoferraio 1
San Diego 1
Seattle 1
Secaucus 1
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Nome #
cDNA microarray analysis of ozone-induced changes in gene expression in Aarabidopsis plants 99
Possibile ruolo dell'H2O2 nell'induzione della PCD in piante di tabacco sottoposte a trattamento con ozono 93
AtPNP-A is a novel peptidic plant hormone with a key role in plant homeostasis and growth. Convegno FISV 92
Effects of water stress on emission of volatile organic compounds by Vicia faba, and consequences for attraction of the egg parasitoid Trissolcus basalis 92
Characterization of two Arabidopsis receptor-like protein kinases genes activated by ozone and pathogen attack 90
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Towards the understanding of the ozone-induced signal transduction pathways in arabidopsis 82
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Eurydema oleracea negatively affects defenses in Arabidopsis by inducing salicylic acid-mediated signaling pathway. 78
Ozone effect on ragweed pollen viability and NAD(P)H oxidase activity 77
Acid phosphatase isoforms in dry seeds and during seedling development in barley (Hordeum vulgare). 75
The Arabidopsis sepal function as defense barrier of developing flower against the biotrophic pathogen Golovinomyces cichoracearum. 75
An Arabidopsis thaliana leucine-rich repeat protein harbors an adenylyl cyclase catalytic center and affects responses to pathogens 75
Ozone-induced phenolic pattern in two cultivars super-sensitive to O3 73
Caratterizzazione della asparagina sintetasi batterica in piante transgeniche di Lotus corniculatus. 73
Are NO-induced defence genes dependent on MAPK pathway? 71
Gene expression in snapbeans exposed to ozone and protected by ethylenediurea. 71
Festuca arundinacea Schreber (Gramineae) in Italy: morphological, anatomical, karyological and biochemical analyses. 69
The Arabidopsis thaliana cysteine-rich receptor-like kinase CRK20 modulates hostresponses to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 infection 69
Vitalità e germinabilità in vitro del polline di Cupressus sempervirens L. in relazione all'inquinamento ambientale 67
Analysis of the response induced by cadmium in roots of Phragmites australis 67
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Assessing the genotoxicity of urban air pollutants using two in situ plant bioassays. 67
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Cyclic mononucleotides modulate potassium and calcium flux responses to H2O2 in Arabidopsis roots 66
Interaction between Nitric Oxide and Ethylene in the Induction of Alternative Oxidase in Ozone-treated Tobacco Plants 65
Actual uptake and its effect on Photosyntetic parameters in two tobacco cvs contrasting ozone sensitivity. 64
Biological control agents and chemical inducers of resistance for postharvest control of Penicillium expansum Link. on apple fruit 63
Arabidopsis flower specific defense gene expression patterns affect resistance to pathogens. 63
La risposta a metalli pesanti e inquinanti antropici in Phragmites australis 62
L’ozono come strumento per lo studio delle risposte allo stress nelle piante. V. Relazioni tra produzione di etilene, tossicità da cianuro e comparsa di sintomi visibili in mutanti e transgeni di pomodoro (Solanum lycopersicum L.) esposti a fumigazione acuta 61
Ozone-induced HR-like cell death in tobacco leaves: necrosis or PCD? 61
Air pollutants influence the NAD(P)H oxidases activity in cypress pollen 59
A proteomics study of cAMP response in Arabidopsis thaliana 58
Effects of ozone on soluble and thylakoid proteins of two tobacco cultivars with different ozone sensitivity. 58
Role of chemical cues in cabbage stink bug host plant selection 58
Jasmonate-mediated defence responses, unlike salicylate-mediated responses, are involved in the recovery of grapevine from bois noir disease 56
NO release by nitric oxide donors in vitro and in planta 55
Acid phosphatase activity in Pinus pinea-Tuber albidum ectomycorrhizal association. 55
Effects of different routes of application on ethylenediurea persistence in tobacco leaves 55
Ozone affects pollen viability and NAD(P)H oxidase release from Ambrosia artemisiifolia pollen 54
Arabidopsis sepal functions as biotic stress defense barrier of the developing flower. 54
L’ossido nitrico come segnale molecolare nel pathway di trasduzione della risposta allo stress da ozono in piante di Nicotiana tabacum (cv. BelW3) 53
The involvement of the receptor kinase CRK20 in the response to Pseudomonas syringae 53
cGMP in ozone and NO dependent responses 52
Physiological and anatomical characterisation of Phragmites australis leaves. 52
An Arabidopsis adenyl cyclase with a role in plant defense responses against a biotrophic fungus 52
L'ozono come strumento per lo studio delle risposte allo stress nelle piante. IV. Espressione dei sistemi antiossidanti nel mutante autonecrotico di pomodoro (Solanum lycopersicum L.) V20368 esposto a fumigazione acuta 51
Cross talk between ethylene, nitric oxide and salicylic acid in ozone fumigated tobacco plants. 51
Postharvest control of disease on apple fruits: induced resistance trials 50
Calcium influxes and protein kinase activation mediate ozone-induced defence gene expression in tobacco plant 50
Infestation of broad bean (Vicia faba) by the green stink bug (Nezara viridula) decreases shoot abscisic acid contents under well-watered and drought conditions. 50
Variations in the xanthophyll cycle in tobacco plants in oxidative stress conditions. 49
Involvement of hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide in ozone response in tobacco plants 49
Silencing of the receptor-like protein kinase CRK11 reduces pathogen susceptibility in Arabidopsis 48
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Salicylic acid induced by herbivore feeding antagonizes jasmonic acid mediated plant defenses against insect attack 48
Ozone uptake and its effect on photosynthetic parameters of two tobacco cultivars with contrasting ozone sensitivity. 47
Ozone increases the oxidative stress in Cupressus sempervirens pollen grains 46
Changes induced by ozone in protein pattern of two tobacco cultivars. 46
Silencing of the receptor-like protein kinase induces ozone sensitivity in Arabidopsis. 46
Involvement of protein kinases and calcium in the NO-signalling cascade for defence-gene induction in ozonated tobacco plants 46
Drought stress affect host-induced volatile organic compounds emission from plants and parasitoid response 46
Valutazione della qualità dell’aria mediante l’utilizzo di bioindicatori vegetali in situ 45
Physiological characteristics of tobacco cultivars with contrasting sensitivity to ozone. 45
Photoinhibition and oxidative stress: effects on xanthophyll cycle, scavenger enzymes and ABA content in tobacco plants. 44
The tomato ethylene receptor Le-ETR3 (NR) is not involved in mediating ozone sensitivity: causal relationships among ethylene emission, oxidative burst and tissue damage 44
Transformation of Lotus corniculatus plant with E.coli asparagine synthetase a: effect on nitrogen assimilation and plant development 44
NO signaling molecule for alternative oxidase induction during O3-stress in BelW3 plants. 44
L'ozono come strumento per lo studio delle risposte allo stress nelle piante: specie reattive dell'ossigeno ed enzimi scavengers in linee quasi isogeniche di pomodoro mutanti per l'etilene esposte a fumigazione acuta 43
Nitric oxide and cGMP are messengers in defence gene induction of ozone stressed tabacco plants 43
Enhanced expression and activation of the alternative oxidase during ozone treatment in tobacco plants 43
Light and Temperature Shape the Phenylpropanoid Profile of Azolla filiculoides Fronds 43
Loss of function in adenylyl cyclase enhance susceptibility of A. thaliana to powdery mildew disease caused by Golovinomyces orontii 42
Valutazione della genotossicità dell’aria urbana mediante bioindicatori vegetali esposti in situ e test in vitro 41
Effects of ethylenediurea and ozone in detoxificant ascorbic-ascorbate peroxidase system in tobacco plants. 41
Effects of short-term ozone fumigation on tobacco plants: response of the scavenging system and expression of the glutathione reductase. 40
Multiple acid phosphatases in barley coleoptile.Isolation and partial characterization of 63 kDa soluble enzyme form. 40
Gene expression profiles of O3-treated Arabidopsis plants 40
Interaction of cadmium with glutathione and photosynthesis in developing leaves and chloroplasts of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex steudel 39
Impact of high ozone on isoprene emission, photosynthesis and histology of developing Populus alba leaves directly or indirectly exposed to the pollutant 39
Morphological and cytological development and starch accumulation in hermaphrodite and staminate flowers of olive (Olea europaea L.) 39
Ozone as a tool for studying stress responses in tomato: signalling and defence in normal and mutant lines. 38
The effects of the ozone-induced stress on tobacco plants with genetic modification of alternative respiration. 38
Metabolic regulation and gene expression of root phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase by different nitrogen sources. 38
Efficiency of the ROS detoxyficant systems in two tobacco cvs with contrasting ozone sensitivity. 38
Plant response mechanisms to drought and insect pest attack: signals from the roots to the leaves. 38
Drought stress induces a biphasic NO accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana 38
Ozone quenching properties of isoprene and its antioxidant role in leaves. 37
Effects of short-term ozone fumigation on carbohydrates in darkened tobacco leaves. 37
Ozone as a tool for studying stress responses in plants: signalling and defence in normal, mutant and transgenic tomato lines 36
Effects of short-term ozone fumigation on tobacco plants: response of the scavening system and expression of the glutathione reductase. 36
Transformation of Lotus corniculatus plants with E. coli asparagine synthetase A: effect on nitrogen assimilation and plant development. 36
Cupressus arizonica pollen signalling network triggers pollen tube elongation. 36
The overexpression of an alternative oxidase gene triggers ozone sensitivity in tobacco plants. 35
Responses induced by high concentration of cadmium in Phragmites australis roots 35
Multiple forms of barley roots acid phosphatase: purification and some characteristics of the major cytoplasmic isoenzyme. 34
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