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AS - Asia 619
SA - Sud America 7
AF - Africa 3
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.515
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Jacksonville 237
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Altamura 130
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Andover 64
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Fremont 2
Guangzhou 2
Halifax 2
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Madison 2
Milan 2
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Nuremberg 2
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Siena 2
Simi Valley 2
Spreitenbach 2
Tampa 2
Terni 2
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Ürümqi 2
Amsterdam 1
Ancona 1
Atlanta 1
Aversa 1
Böblingen 1
Changsha 1
Chiang Rai 1
Città Di Castello 1
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Denver 1
Dhaka 1
Dresden 1
Eckersdorf 1
Fairfield 1
Foligno 1
Fuzhou 1
Granada 1
Groningen 1
Guayaquil 1
Hangzhou 1
Jakarta 1
Totale 3.475
Nome #
Ex situ conservation and exploitation of fungi in Italy 93
Study of Holtermanniella wattica, Leucosporidium creatinivorum, Naganishia adeliensis, Solicoccozyma aeria, and Solicoccozyma terricola for their lipogenic aptitude from different carbon sources 91
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Adaptation of fungi, including yeasts, to cold environments 79
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Bacteria and yeast microbiota in milk kefir grains from different Italian regions 64
Anhydrobiosis in yeasts: Psychrotolerant yeasts are highly resistant to dehydration 64
Dynamics of in situ growth and taxonomic structure of fungal communities in Alpine supraglacial debris 64
Quality control of malt: turbidity problems of standard worts given by the presence of microbial cells 63
Mrakia fibulata sp. nov., a psychrotolerant yeast from temperate and cold habitats 61
Yeast cells as biocatalysts for the bioreduction of activated alkenes 59
Analysis of condensed and hydrolysable tannins from commercial plant extracts 58
Culturable yeasts in melt waters draining from two glaciers in the Italian Alps. 58
Aminopyrrolic synthetic receptors for monosaccharides: a class of carbohydrate-binding agents endowed with antibiotic activity vs. pathogenic yeasts. 58
Antimycotic activity of 4-thioesters of flavonoids towards yeasts and yeast-like microorganisms 57
Recent studies on the Yeast-like genus Prototheca in the Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG 57
In vitro antimycotic activity of a Williopsis saturnus killer protein against food spoilage yeasts 56
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Application of anhydrobiosis and dehydration of yeasts for non-conventional biotechnological goals 54
Hydrolisable tannins: Chemistry and antimycotic activity 52
Asymmetric reduction of (4S)-(+)-carvone catalyzed by enoate reductases (ERs) expressed by non-conventional yeast (NCY) whole-cells. 52
Non-Conventional Yeasts Whole Cells as Efficient Biocatalysts for the Production of Flavors and Fragrances 52
Basidiomycetous Yeasts for Production of Carotenoids. 51
Candida adriatica sp. nov. and Candida molendinolei sp. nov., two novel yeast species isolated from olive oil and its by-products 51
Isolation of viable yeasts from subglacial sediments and melting waters of two Italian glaciers. International Conference on Alpine and Polar Microbiology 50
Response surface methodology as optimization strategy for asymmetric bioreduction of (4S)-(+)-carvone by Cryptococcus gastricus 50
Polyphenols and condensed tannins as antimycotic compounds of vegetable origin. 48
Assessment of discriminatory power of three different fingerprinting methods based on killer toxin sensitivity for the differentiation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains 48
Screening of new strains of Saccharomycodes ludwigii and Zygosaccharomyces rouxii to produce low-alcohol beer 48
Evaluation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains isolated from non-brewing environments in beer production 48
Optimization of carotenoid production by Rhodotorula graminis DBVPG 7021 as a function of trace element concentration by means of response surface analysis 47
Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic fraction obtained from stranded driftwood feedstocks for lipid production by Solicoccozyma terricola 47
Uso di estratti di mirto e di altre piante di macchia mediterranea standardizzati in contenuto polifenolico quali agenti ad attività antimicotica nei confronti di lieviti e di microrganismi lievito-simili. 46
Psychrophilic yeasts in glacial environments of Alpine glaciers 46
A novel killer protein from Pichia kluyveri isolated from an Algerian soil: purification and characterization of its in vitro activity against food and beverage spoilage yeasts 46
Environmental sources of Prototheca sp. in a dairy herd in Italy 45
Psychrophilic yeasts from Antarctica and European glaciers: description of Glaciozyma gen. nov., Glaciozyma martinii sp. nov. and Glaciozyma watsonii sp. nov. 45
A comparative study of the in vitro activity of iodopropynyl butylcarbamate and amphotericin B against Prototheca spp. isolates from European dairy herds 45
Low Carbohydrate Beers Produced by a Selected Yeast Strain from an Alternative Source 45
Mrakia stelviica sp. Nov. and mrakia montana sp. nov., two novel basidiomycetous yeast species isolated from cold environments 45
Fingerprinting of yeasts at the strain level by differential sensitivity responses to a panel of selected killer toxins 44
Mrakia gelida in brewing process: An innovative production of low alcohol beer using a psychrophilic yeast strain 44
Non-conventional yeasts for producing alternative beers 44
DNA methylation changes induced by cold in psychrophilic and psychrotolerant naganishia yeast species 44
Carotenoid profiles of yeasts belonging to the genera Rhodotorula, Rhodosporidium, Sporobolomyces and Sporidiobolus 43
Large-scale screening of the in vitro susceptibility of Prototheca zopfii towards polyene antibiotics. 43
Production of volatile organic sulfur compounds (VOSCs) by basidiomycetous yeasts 43
Molecular characterization of Prototheca strains isolated from Italian dairy herds. 43
Multicentre Etest evaluation of in vitro activity of conventional antifungal drugs against European bovine mastitis Prototheca spp. isolates 43
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The strategic relevance of biological resource centers for the conservation and exploitation of microbial biodiversity 42
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Bioreduction of α,β-unsaturated ketones and aldehydes by non-conventional yeast (NCY) whole-cells 42
Use of extracts of myrtle and other mediterranean plants species, standardized in the content of polyphenol molecules, as a novel active antimycotic agents towards yeast and yeast-like microorganisms of biomedical interest 41
Cold-adapted yeasts from Antarctica and the Italian Alps. Description of three novel species: Mrakia robertii sp. nov., Mrakia blollopis sp. nov. and Mrakiella niccombsii sp. nov. 41
Green Tea Catechins. A Class of Molecules with Antimicrobial Activity 41
Description of Holtermanniella takashimae sp. nov., Holtermanniella gen. nov. and proposal of the order Holtermanniales to accommodate Tremellomycetous yeasts of the Holtermannia clade. 41
Yeasts in Nonpolar Cold Habitats 41
Characterization of the in vitro antimycotic activity of a novel killer protein from Williopsis saturnus DBVPG 4561 against emerging pathogenic yeasts 41
Nonconventional Yeast-Promoted Biotransformation for the Production of Flavor Compounds 40
Extremophilic yeasts: the toughest yeasts around? 40
Chemoenzymatic and yeast-catalysed synthesis of diasteroisomeric ethyl gamma-phenil and gamma-(n-pyridyl) paraconates 39
The use of killer sensitivity patterns (KSPs) for biotyping yeast strains: the state of the art, potentialities and limitations. 38
Description of Taphrina antarctica f.a. sp. nov., a new anamorphic ascomycetous yeast species associated with Antarctic endolithic microbial communities and transfer of four Lalaria species in the genus Taphrina. 38
Characterization of basidiomycetous yeasts in hypersaline soils of the Urmia Lake National Park, Iran 38
Intra- and inter-cores fungal diversity suggests interconnection of different habitats in an Antarctic frozen lake (Boulder Clay, Northern Victoria Land) 38
Abiotic factors affecting the bacterial and fungal diversity of permafrost in a rock glacier in the Stelvio Pass (Italian Central Alps) 38
Screening of enoate reductase activity in yeasts: chemoselective whole-cell bioreduction of (4S)-(+)-carvone. 37
Yeast and yeast-like diversity in the southernmost glacier of Europe (Calderone Glacier, Apennines, Italy) 37
Psychrophilic yeasts from worldwide glacial habitats: diversity, adaptation strategies and biotechnological potential 37
Cold-adapted basidiomycetous yeasts as a source of biochemicals 37
Identification of culturable psychrophilic yeasts isolated from sediments and melt waters of the Calderone Glacier (Italy) 36
Extracellular enzymatic activities of basidiomycetous yeasts isolated from glacial and subglacial waters of northern patagonia (Argentina) 36
First large-scale isolation of Prototheca zopfii from milk produced by dairy herds in Italy 36
Dynamics of organic matter and microbial populations in amended soil: a multidisciplinary approach 36
Yeasts of environmental origin as biocatalysts for the asymmetric reduction of electron-poor alkenes 35
Cold-Adapted Yeasts in Alpine and Apennine GlaciersCold-adapted Yeasts 35
Triacyl Glycerols from Yeast-Catalyzed Batch and Fed-Batch Bioconversion of Hydrolyzed Lignocellulose from Cardoon Stalks 35
Biotransformation of acyclic monoterpenoids by Debaryomyces sp., Kluyveromyces sp., and Pichia sp., strains of environmental origin 34
Synthesis of pyrogalloyl esters-methylglucosides and evaluation of antioxidant and antimycotic activity - XXII Int. Conference on Polyphenols. 34
A thin ice layer segregates two distinct fungal communities in Antarctic brines from Tarn Flat (Northern Victoria Land) 34
Preservation, characterization and exploitation of microbial biodiversity: The perspective of the italian network of culture collections 34
Prediction of the environmental impacts of yeast biodiesel production from cardoon stalks at industrial scale 34
In vitro antimycotic activity of some plant extracts towards yeast and yeast-like strains 33
Proantocyanidins: naturally occurring O-heterocycles with antimicrobial activity. 33
DNA methylation changes in psychrophilic and psychrotolerant yeasts under cold stress 33
Non-conventional yeasts as sources of ene-reductases for the bioreduction of chalcones 33
New approaches to yeast food microbiology 32
A population genomics insight into the Mediterranean origins of wine yeast domestication 32
Bilancio del C e dinamiche della popolazione microbica nel suolo ammendato con digestato proveniente dal trattamento anaerobico dei reflui zootecnici 32
Fungal and Bacterial Diversity in the Tuber magnatum Ecosystem and Microbiome 32
Short communication: Isolation of Prototheca species strains from environmental sources in dairy herds 31
Uncovered Microbial Diversity in Antarctic Cryptoendolithic Communities Sampling three Representative Locations of the Victoria Land 31
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