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Wiesbaden 1
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Nome #
Liver protein synthesis in physiology and in disease states 90
Alternative indicators of metabolic control 82
Physiological increments in plasma insulin concentrations have selective and different effects on synthesis of hepatic proteins in normal humans. 81
Effects of dietary protein restriction on fibrinogen and albumin metabolism in nephrotic patients 76
Portal vein glucose sensors do not play a major role in modulating physiological responses to insulin-induced hypoglycemia in humans. 69
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Ethanol impairs post-prandial hepatic protein metabolism 62
Fasting insulin has a stronger association with an adverse cardiometabolic risk profile than insulin resistance: the RISC study. 62
A dose-response study of growth hormone (GH) replacement on whole body protein and lipid kinetics in GH-deficient adults 62
Administration of Recombinant Human GH on Alternate Days is sufficient to increase whole Body Protein Synthesis and Lipolysis in GH Deficient Adults 61
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18. Insulin required for prandial ghrelin suppression in humans 58
Effects of dietary protein restriction on albumin and fibrinogen synthesis in macroalbuminuric type 2 diabetic patients. 58
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Pivotal role of timely basal insulin replacement after metformin failure in sustaining long-term blood glucose control at a target in Type 2 diabetes. 56
Termoablazione laser percutanea quale alternativa all’intervento di tiroidectomia totale nei pazienti ad alto rischio operatorio 55
Contribution of amino acids and insulin to protein anabolism during meal absorption. 55
Body weight, not insulin sensitivity or secretion, may predict spontaneous weight changes in nondiabetic and prediabetic subjects: the RISC study. 53
A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of ultrasound-guided laser photocoagulation for treatment of benign thyroid nodules 53
Increased albumin and fibrinogen synthesis in hemodialysis patients with normal nutritional status 52
A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of ultrasound-guided laser photocoagulation for treatment of benign thyroid nodules. 52
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Differential Effects of Adiposity on Pharmacodynamics of Basal Insulins NPH, Glargine, and Detemir in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. 48
Circulating palmitoleic acid is an independent determinant of insulin sensitivity, beta cell function and glucose tolerance in non-diabetic individuals: a longitudinal analysis 47
Advances in Hepatic Encephalopathy and Metabolic Nitrogen Exchange 46
Influence of the ACE gene insertion/deletion polymorphism on insulin sensitivity and impaired glucose tolerance in healthy subjects. 45
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Chloroquine reduces whole body proteolysis in humans 42
Physical inactivity is the main cause of the metabolic syndrome 41
Influence of Apolipoproteins on the Association Between Lipids and Insulin Sensitivity: A cross-sectional analysis of the RISC Study 40
Circulating ghrelin concentrations in the polycystic ovary syndrome 38
Liver enzymes are associated with hepatic insulin resistance, insulin secretion, and glucagon concentration in healthy men and women. 38
Optimizing the replacement of basal insulin in Type 1 diabetes mellitus: no longer an elusive goal in the post-NPH era. 38
Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and modulation of hepatic glucose production with insulin glargine U300 and glargine U100 at steady state with individualized clinical doses in type 1 diabetes 37
L’ipoglicemia silente nella pratica clinica quotidiana: come diagnosticarla, gestirla e prevenirla 37
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Circulatin ghrelin levels of visceral obese men are not modified by a short-term treatment with very low doses of GH replacement 36
Thirty years of research on the dawn phenomenon: lessons to optimize blood glucose control in diabetes. 36
Greater Suppression of Glucagon, Lipolysis, and Ketogenesis with Insulin Glargine U300 as Compared with Glargine U100 in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 36
Effects of dietary protein restriction on fibrinogen and albumin metabolism in nephrotic patients 35
Low levels of unmodified insulin glargine in plasma of people with type 2 diabetes requiring high doses of basal insulin 35
Moderate and large doses of ethanol differentially affect hepatic protein metabolism in humans 34
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of NPH insulin in type 1 diabetes: The Importance of appropriate resuspension before subcutaneous injection 34
Ricoveri per ipoglicemia grave in soggetti con diabete mellito di tipo 2: impatto clinico e costi sanitari 34
Dietary protein intake does not affect IgG synthesis in patients with nephrotic syndrome. 33
Metabolism of insulin glargine after repeated daily subcutaneous injections in subjects with type 2 diabetes. 33
Nicotinamide counteracts alcohol-induced impairment of hepatic protein metabolism in humans 32
Effect of sedentary behaviour and vigorous physical activity on segment-specific carotid wall thickness and its progression in a healthy population 32
Ghrelin is not necessary for adequate hormonal counterregulation of insulin-induced hypoglycemia 32
Glargine metabolism over 24 h following its subcutaneous injection in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A dose–response study 32
Circulating ghrelin levels of visceral obese men are not modified by a short-term treatment with very low doses of GH replacement. 32
Insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function in the offspring of type 2 diabetic patients: impact of line of inheritance. 31
The effect of menopause on carotid artery remodeling, insulin sensitivity, and plasma adiponectin in healthy women 31
Tecniche Nefrologiche e dialitiche 31
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Hypoglycemia 29
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Obesity and carotid artery remodeling 28
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Effects of whole-body vibration exercise on the endocrine system of healthy men. 27
Body composition and common carotid artery remodeling in a healthy population 27
Impact of family history on relations between insulin resistance, LDL cholesterol and carotid IMT in healthy adults 27
Prevention and Management of Severe Hypoglycemia and Hypoglycemia Unawareness: Incorporating Sensor Technology 27
Plasma ghrelin concentrations, food intake, and anorexia in liver failure 26
Insulin sensitivity and carotid intima-media thickness: relationship between insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular risk study. 26
From Metabolic Normality to Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Subjects With Obesity 26
Different insulin concentrations in resuspended vs. unsuspended NPH insulin: Practical aspects of subcutaneous injection in patients with diabetes. 26
Real-time continuous glucose monitoring decreases the risk of severe hypoglycemia in people with type 1 diabetes and impaired awareness of hypoglycemia 24
Female Sex and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism Amplify the Effects of Adiposity on Blood Pressure 24
Meal intake similarly reduces circulating concentrations of octanoyl and total ghrelin in humans 23
Impact of patient and treatment characteristics on glycemic control and hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes initiated to insulin glargine or NPH: A post hoc, pooled, patient-level analysis of 6 randomized controlled trials 23
Ipoglicemia: implicazioni cliniche e impatto sulla salute 21
Metabolic effects of an SGLT2 inhibitor (Dapagliflozin) during a period of acute insulin withdrawal and development of ketoacidosis in people with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes care 2020;43:2128– 2136 21
How to accurately establish pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics of long- Acting insulins in humans: Relevance to biosimilar insulins 19
Reductions in A1C with pump therapy in type 2 diabetes are independent of C-peptide and anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody concentrations 19
Plasma Insulin Levels and Hypoglycemia Affect Subcutaneous Interstitial Glucose Concentration 19
GLP-1 RAs as compared to prandial insulin after failure of basal insulin in type 2 diabetes: Lessons from the 4B and Get-Goal DUO 2 trials 18
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Fatty liver is associated with insulin resistance, risk of coronary heart disease, and early atherosclerosis in a large European population 16
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Glucose Control in Diabetes: Targets and Therapy 16
Validation of a counseling strategy to promote the adoption and the maintenance of physical activity by Type 2 diabetic subjects. 15
One-hundred year evolution of prandial insulin preparations: From animal pancreas extracts to rapid-acting analogs 11
Diurnal Cycling of Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetes: Evidence for Deviation From Physiology at an Early Stage 5
The role of gastric emptying in glucose homeostasis and defense against hypoglycemia: Innocent bystander or partner in crime? 5
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