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Nome #
Coupled thermal fluctuations of proteins and protein hydration water on the picosecond timescale 82
Collective density fluctuations of DNA hydration water in the time-window below 1 ps 74
Absolute measurements of the stretching mode density of states in polycrystalline ice Ih 71
Adaptive algorithms of position and energy reconstruction in Anger-camera type detectors: experimental data processing in ANTS 71
A honeycomb collimator for the neutron Brillouin scattering spectrometer BRISP 70
Melting of DNA Nonoriented Fibers: A Wide-Angle X-ray Diffraction Study 66
Elastic neutron scattering cross section in random binary alloys 64
A study of theXVV auger line shape of Fe−Ni alloys 62
Auger electron spectroscopy study of the interface between bulk aluminum and bulk aluminum oxide 61
ANTS — a simulation package for secondary scintillation Anger-camera type detector in thermal neutron imaging 59
The thermal neutron time-of-flight spectrometer IN4C 58
The TOSCA incoherent inelastic neutron spectrometer: progress and results 57
Auger spectra of 3d transition metals with orbital degeneracy 57
Temperature dependence of the asphericity of magnetic moment distribution in transition metal alloys 57
Hydrogen distribution in ice Ih 56
Dynamic structure factor of liquid mercury 54
Static properties of a uniform electron gas: A phenomenological approach 54
Forty years of polarized neutron scattering in ferromagnetic 3d metals and alloys 53
Specific heat enhancement and electron-phonon interaction in random binary alloys 52
X-ray scattering and condensed matter experiments 51
Collective modes in a saturated lithium-ammonia solution as a probe of the response of the low-density homogeneous electron gas 51
An inverse geometry neutron scattering spectrometer with graphite Venetian blind crystal analyser and a para-hydrogen filter 50
Analysis of neutron diffraction data in the case of high-scattering cells 49
Structure of human telomere G-quadruplex in the presence of a model drug along the thermal unfolding pathway 49
Antiferromagnetic alignment of Mn in ferromagnetic MnNi3.5 alloy: state of order dependence 47
Collective Dynamics of Intracellular Water in Living Cells 47
Phonon modes in Pd-Pt and other substitutional alloys with large mass disorder 47
Neutron Investigation of Collective Excitations in Liquid K-Cs Alloys: The Role of the Electron Density 44
Space resolution of a Si/Gd microstrip as linear position-sensitive detector for thermal neutrons 44
Collective excitations in the liquid and amorphous state of D2O with soluted NaOD 44
Neutron depolarization by amorphous magnets in the critical region 44
Phonon anomalies in Co−Ni alloys 44
A coincidence experiment of two coherent beams of thermal neutrons 43
Phonon calculation in Nb–Ta and Pd–Pt alloys in the coherent potential approximation 43
Some evidence for a structural transition in electrolyte solutions 43
X-ray measurement of the electron static structure factor in LiF 42
Self-dynamics and collective dynamics of liquid mercury 42
Vibrational Collective Dynamics of Dry Proteins in the Terahertz Region 42
Amorphous-polycrystalline transition in frozen aqueous solutions of 65Cu2+-doped sodium hydroxide probed by ESR spectroscopy 42
A different approach to form factor analysis of 3d-metals 42
Magnetic form factor determination by inelastic scattering of neutrons as compared to elastic scattering measures 41
Surface effects in Si Auger spectrum 41
Simulation of the fast neutron void swelling in AISI 316 stainless steel. Dose and dose-rate dependences 41
Antiphase domain and magnetic interactions in partially ordered Ni3Mn 41
Analytic static structure factors and pair-correlation functions for the unpolarized homogeneous electron gas 40
Analysis of neutron diffraction data in the case of high-scattering cells. II. Complex cylindrical cells 40
Magnetic moment distribution in Cu-Ni alloys 40
Single-particle Hamiltonian and self-consistency in random binary alloys 40
Concentration dependence of the phonon dispersion relations in substitutional fcc Co-Ni alloys 40
BRISP: The New Brillouin Spectrometer at ILL's High Flux Reactor 39
Neutron investigation of the ion dynamics in liquid mercury: Evidence for collective excitations 38
Calculated dispersion and lifetime of one-electron states in copper 38
Density of states and asphericity of electron distribution in ferromagnetic Co-Ni alloys 38
Observation of precursory phonons of an F.C.C.-H.C.P. transition 38
A novel double-crystal analyser system for the PRISMA spectrometer at ISIS 37
Neutron scattering investigation of high-frequency dynamics in glassy glucose 37
Apple II direct memory access interface to acquire neutron scattering time of flight spectra 37
Correlation energy, pair-distribution functions and static structure factors of jellium 36
A Possible Mechanism for Bulk Cold Fusion in Transition Metals Hydrides 36
Indication of an electron redistribution in the d band of Fe alloyed with Si 36
The double focussing monochromator of IN4C 36
Debye to non-Debye scaling of the Boson peak dynamics: Critical behavior and local disorder in vitreous germania 36
On the dispersion of gravitational waves 36
Neutron scattering determination of local magnetic form factors in equiatomic Co-Ni alloy 36
Collective Dynamics of Protein Hydration Water by Brillouin Neutron Spectroscopy 35
Water dynamics as affected by interaction with biomolecules and change of thermodynamic state: a neutron scattering study. 35
Temperature dependence of spin reversal in ordered Ni3Mn: Evidence for anomalous behavior 35
High-resolution neutron scattering measurement of the dynamic structure factor of heavy water 35
Density-of-states calculation in ferromagnetic nickel-copper alloys in the coherent-potential approximation. Comparison with the neutron-scattering experiments 35
Observations of the dispersion relation of the O-D stretching modes in heavy ice Ih 35
A double crystal analyser system for the PRISMA spectrometer 35
Brillouin spectroscopy of protein hydration water. New experimental potentialities opened up by the thermal neutron spectrometer BRISP 35
Brillouin neutron scattering in heavy water: Evidence for two-mode collective dynamics 34
Evaluation of electron-phonon coupling of Al0.27Ga0.73As/GaAs quantum wells by normal incidence reflectance 34
Spectroscopy by Grating Synthesis 34
Scanning and restoration of spectral data in the presence of noise 34
Static structure factor and electron-electron correlations in Be. A comparison of experiment with electron-gas theory 34
Dynamics of liquid Au from neutron Brillouin scattering and ab initio simulations: Analogies in the behavior of metallic and insulating liquids 34
Ion density fluctuations in liquid metals: the strongly interacting ion-electron plasma 33
Direct experimental evidence of free-fermion antibunching 33
Sonochemical production of a non-crystalline phase of palladium 33
On the temperature dependence of the LVV Auger spectrum in vanadium 33
Optimizing the Setup of the BRISP Spectrometer by Upgraded McStas Simulations 33
High frequency dynamics of liquid metals 33
3He-free neutron detectors and their applications 33
The structure of liquid sulphuric acid 33
Complex particles produced from graphite powder by acoustic cavitation in water 32
Ergodicity breaking in strong and network-forming glassy systems 32
The development of the BRISP spectrometer at the Institut Laue-Langevin 32
Solid state neutron detectors 32
Electron-electron correlations in diamond: An x-ray-scattering experiment 32
On the coexistence of two magnetic states of Fe in Fe0.70Ni0.30alloy 32
Electron-electron interaction in 3d metals which b.c.c. structure 32
Electron-electron correlation in beryllium and related properties 32
Thermal diffuse scattering and Fourier analysis of charge and spin density 32
Inelastic neutron scattering from a NiCl2 — heavy water solution 32
A possible explanation of the experimentally observed behaviour of the cooled gravitational-wave antennas 32
Coherent neutron scattering study of confined water in nafion 31
BRISP, a new small-angle time-of-flight neutron spectrometer to study collective dynamics in disordered matter 31
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